Espresso Bar - The Smallest Coffee SHOP in Annecy , with great Flat white, Cappuccino, Ice Coffees and more...TOASTED SANDWICHES, HOMEMADE CAKES to eat all day. TAKE AWAY or on the spot!

Cafe Bunna, the smallest coffee shop in Annecy is situated at 17 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau in the center of the old town in a little cosy spot with lots of charm.

We are on holiday 9-30 january 2019



Open everyday except mondays & tuesdays


Saturday 8.00 - 17.00

Sunday 8.00-13.00

SERVICE NON STOP - Made on demand with fresh products


Our Coffees

* Ristretto

* Espresso

* Lungo

* Machiato

* Cappuccino


*Flat white - Cafe Bunna

* Café Latte

* Latte Machiato



Our other Specialties:




Extra: sirops (caramel/vanilla/chocolat/hazelnut)

Vegetarien milks; Allmond milk / Hazelnut milk/Oatmeal milk

All bio


-  Tea  organic; Curcuma, menthe, rooibos, earl grey, breakfast, green, green jasmin, white tea rose.

Cold Drinks:


- Apple juice BIO

- Orange juice BIO

- Pinaple juice BIO

- Ice tea with peach BIO


And our sirops  (BIO) with water (plat or sparkling)





Toastes hot: (also possible without gluten)

 - Classic - Comte cheese & ham, bechamel home made. Great for breakfast!

- Savoy - Abondance cheese & ham Savoyard,

- Italian - home made bechamel - Mozarella Buffelo & tomatoes & Pesto home made & ham Savoyard

- Chevre-  Goat cheese from the farm & pear & thijm & honey & ham Savoyard

- California - Avocado, tomato, pesto home made, savoyard ham, Comte cheese, onion. (the BESTSELLER)


Home made sweets:

* Toaste Sucré - Banana & Chocola bio

* Apple Pie - home made

* Bunna cupcake

* Carrot Cake

* Citron Merinque

* Cheesecake

* Cookie Cranberry - Oatmeal

* Profiterol

* Brownies

And our Cookies from our bakery Pan et Gato:  Chocolat Pecan or Double Chocola Pecan

We work with:


Bakery Pan & Gatô; Michaël Rispe works only with products of a very high quality prefarable from local producers. We have the Gauloise - made from wheat and chestnutflower.


Cheese from de  La Fruitière d’Augustin, Its a tradition farm since  3 générations, locally produced of great quality.


Aux quatre saisons - The best fruit en vegetables of the season, highly prefarable from local producers.

We are Dutch l We speak English l Nous comprenons Francais l Wir verstehen Deutsch