Marathon Mont Blanc - Chamonix
Marathon Mont Blanc - Chamonix

A "barista" is not only a professional coffee maker but also a host. A storyteller  and business card and the classic Italian Vespa scooter a very beautiful eyecatcher.


This unique combination makes the espresso bar  a great meeting place to enjoy a delicious Cup of coffee. It's nice that guests increasingly ask for good quality and various coffees. Like a real Italian espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato. "

Espresso Machine

Barista Olaf
Barista Olaf

We work with a traditional Bezzera Espresso machine, the spring in the lever produces the pressure to give you a perfect cup of coffee every time. It was in 1901 when Luigi Bezzera patented an innovative process for preparing coffee, the first espresso coffee machine, which was exhibited at the Milan International Fair in 1906.


Barista Jolanda
Barista Jolanda

The coffee is super fresh and perfectly ground as our Macap coffee grinder grinds our well selected beans on demand.


We are proud to work with our own coffee roaster in Italy.


Our coffee is of superior quality. We found a  'Savoyard' roaster in Piedmont (in Italy), which roasts an excellent mix for us. The taste is full, rich and vibrant with a nice crema layer.


From a Italian family-run business, over 80 years of experience in coffee roasting, to a modern company that treasures its tradition, three generations of roasting masters made coffee their proud. Everything began in the 30’s with a wood roasting machine and a bicycle used for deliveries, today MaCafe is a modern company based on quality coffee and is appreciated for its aroma and taste, qualities that are always present.


Type: Arabica melange (88%)
Roasting: Medium dark

Melange: India Monsonato - Guatemala Antiqua - Santos Cerrado - Santo Domingo Ocha AAA - Mexico Altura